Hey! My name's Finn the Human, I'm sixteen and I live in Ooo. Jake the Dog, my best friend and I, go on adventures every day.

photo of me

This is just a picture of me, hi!

photo of me

This picture is a little grainy but I still like it. I'm ready to fight the bad guys and go on adventures. Mathematical!

Jake the Dog

Meet my buddy Jake! He's a dog with magical stretching powers.

My Friends!

You've already met Jake but I don't think I've given him a proper introduction. His parents adopted me when I was still a tot, so he's really more like my brother. He can shapeshift into all kinds of things! He has five kids (I'm an uncle!) and is currently in a relationship with Lady Rainicorn. He also has a knack for cooking.

jake and his family

Marceline the Vampire Queen is another one of my oldest friends. Literally. She's over a millenium old! She's half demon, half vampire, but don't worry she doesn't need to drink blood to survive! Instead, she eats the colour red. She's also a really great musician.


Next is Princess Bubblegum (or Bonibelle). Her story is super cool--she's actually made from gum! PB rules the Candy Kingdom and is the greatest scientist I know!



I mentioned I love to go on adventures right? I also love beatboxing and singing with my friends. We come up with all sorts of awesome tunes. BMO, my videogame console, is always coming up with new games for Jake and I to play; we definitely love gaming. Something people don't really know about me is that I like to make origami cranes.


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